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About Us

About our Products:

Our products are handmade luxury products made from the highest quality natural ingredients, without the high price tag! What's even better, all our products are made to order, so they are at the freshest they can be. Without sitting in storage or on some supermarket shelf for months.

Due to the nature of our products being handmade, there might be slight imperfections, but that just makes them even more unique, doesn't it!

About our oils:

We are in no way affiliated with any fragrance company and are sourced from reputable fragrance oil companies. The fragrance oils used may simply smell similar to your favourite fragrance.

Our oils are concentrated, offering a more premium grade of fragrance oil compared to normal fragrances. These fragrances have been specially formulated using natural ingredients, which give a longer lasting, more aromatic product. Which we feel are far superior to more well known brands on the market today. Whose sole aim is to keep you buying more and more refills! 

All our fragrance oils are manufactured in the UK, IFRA & EU compliant, PARABEN free and VEGAN friendly. Suitable for all Home Fragrance & Cosmetic products. Including Candles, Reed Diffusers, Room Sprays, Cold Press Soaps, Bath & Body Care.                      

They are NOT TESTED on Animals or contain any Animal Derivatives.

MSDS: (Material Safety Data Sheets) 

We hold MSDS and certificate of analysis where applicable for all our ingredients


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