3 x 25ml Perfume Sample Box Set

3 x 25ml Perfume Sample Box Set

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Fragrances can be a bit confusing as they come in a number of different formats! Basically the different formats come with a different strength level.


The different strengths give a different intensity of scent on the skin, which in turn determines how long the fragrance will last on the skin. Indulge-u offers a variety of fragrance strengths: Perfume, Eau De Parfum (EDP) and Eau De Toilette (EDT). These strenghts follow the IFRA CONFORMITY CERTIFICATE highest amount for each perfume oil that is permitted.

These formats all have different percentage of fragrance concentration in alcohol, and due to this they have different longevity.


Perfume (P) has the most concentrated form, 20% plus fragrance concentration in alcohol and is recommended for long lasting wear, Giving eight hours plus wear.


Eau de Parfum (EDP) contains 10% - 19% fragrance concentration in alcohol. Giving around six to eight hours wear.


Eau de Toilette (EDT) is ideal for those that may find the EDP or Perfume oil too strong, with 1% - 9% fragrance concentration in alcohol. Giving around four to five hours wear.


Please remember some perfume oils naturally smell stronger than others.

  • How To Use

    It’s one of the first fragrance habits we ever learned (and one of the hardest to break, TBH). But rubbing perfume into your skin causes the top notes to fade and evaporate before they can settle. This means the notes that made you fall for the scent to begin with never truly translate onto your skin (gasp!). You want your perfume to slowly mix with your skin’s natural oils—it’s what makes your scent last and smell slightly unique to you. Also, rubbing perfume onto your skin causes friction, which can heat up and change the scent. So how should you apply your perfume? Focus on the spots your fragrance loves most—your pulse points. 

  • Ingredients

    Perfumers Alcohol & Perfume Oils.

  • Disclaimer

    We are in no way affiliated with any fragrance company. Our fragrance oils are sourced from reputable fragrance oil companies. The fragrance oils used may simply smell similar to your favourite fragrance.

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  • Percentage of Perfume oil to Base

    (P) Acqua De Parma 20% Perfume oil

    (P) Alien 35% Perfume oil

    (P) Angel 35% Perfume oil

    (P) Aqua Gio 35% Perfume oil

    (P) Aurora 35% Perfume oil

    (P) Aventos For Her 35% Perfume oil

    (EDP) Aventos For Him 10%

    (P) Baccarat Rouge 35% Perfume oil

    (P) Bad Boy 35% Perfume oil

    (EDP) Be Delicious 12% Perfume oil

    (P) Blackberry & Bay 24% Perfume oil

    (EDP) Black Opium 16% Perfume oil

    (EDP) Black Orchid 11% Perfume oil

    (EDT) Cool Water 6% Perfume oil

    (EDT) Classic 8% Perfume oil

    (EDT) Dark Amber & Ginger Lily 7% Perfume oil

    (EDP) Earl Grey & Cucumber 10%Perfume oil

    (EDP)English Pear & Freesia 10% Perfume oil

    (P) EST Belle 35% Perfume oil

    (EDT) Eternity 3% Perfume oil

    (P) Fabulous 35% Perfume oil

    (P) Flower Bomb 35% Perfume oil

    (EDT) Ghost 8% Perfume oil

    (P) Good Girl 25% Perfume oil

    (EDP) Guilty For Her 19% Perfume oil

    (P) Invictus 25% Perfume oil

    (EDT) J'Adore 2% Perfume oil

    (P) Lady Million 25% Perfume oil

    (P) Lime Basil Mandarin 25% Perfume oil

    (EDT) Mademoiselle 2% Perfume oil

    (EDP) Olympea 13% Perfume oil

    (EDT) One Million 10% Perfume oil

    (P) Peony Blush Suede 25% Perfume oil

    (EDT) Poison ( T ) 1.5% Perfume oil

    (P) Pomegranate Noir 20% Perfume oil

    (P) Rose Velvet & Precious Oud 35% Perfume oil

    (P) Sauvage 35% Perfume oil

    (EDP) Thai Lime Mango 13% Perfume oil

    (P) Tobacco & Vanilla 35% Perfume oil

    (P) Tuscan Leather 35% Perfume oil

    (EDT) Ultra Violet 8% Perfume oil

    (P) Viking 35% Perfume oil

    (EDP) White Patchouli 18% Perfume oil

    (EDT) Wild Fig & Cassis 1.5% Perfume oil

    (P) Wood Sage & Sea Salt 25% Perfume oil