The Carpet Freshener / Deodorizer will come in a 500g Easy to Use Shaker Bottle and the 1KG is in a resealable tub.


Carpet freshener will remove lingering odours from your carpets like those caused by pets, tobacco and cooking; and leaves your home smelling deliciously clean and fresh!


How to use:

1. Apply liberally to carpets.

2. Wait at least 1-2 hours. (I like to do this at night before I go to bed, then vacuum up in the morning when I wake up). The longer you leave it the better it will work!!!!

3. Vacuum thoroughly. You may have to do 1-2 passes to get everything.


Carpet Freshener / Deodorizer Inspired By Fragrances.

  • Sodium Bicarbonate & Perfume Oil .