7.5ml Car Diffuser comes with or without the vent clip.


Made with Augeo, Augeo Multi Clear is a new and exciting solvent made from a renewable source. With excellent solubilising power, low evaporation rate and low odour, Augeo is by far the best reed diffuser base oil available.


Augeo is:

* Fragrance Enhancement

* HSE Profile Improvement

* Eco Friendly Product

* Solubility Power

* Lower Carbon Footprint

* Low Odor

* Non Toxic




  • Keep out of reach of pets and small children
  • Do not ingest the liquid
  • Avoid placing in areas where the bottle can be knocked over
  • May damage wood and porous surfaces if spilled

7.5ml Car Diffuser Inspired By Fragrances P - W

  • Augeo & Fragrance Oils.



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